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Temecula Bankruptcy Lawyer Office Now Open

It is with great pride that we announce the opening of our new office location in Temecula, CA. The Law Offices of Scott Bell have opened their new main office location at: 27247 Madison Ave., Ste. 110 Temecula, CA 92590. T: (951) 296-6775 As always, we specialize in bankruptcy and divorce mediation. I’ve lived in […]

Tax refunds are on the way. Time to file bankruptcy?

Once again, the government is about to send us the money we overpaid them throughout the year. What to do with the check? Many people just spend it. New iPhone, new car, Vegas maybe. But are these expenditures the wisest use of the yearly windfall? For a lot of people, no. If you have debts, […]

It’s That Time of Year!

Well, Christmas is over, we’re in the new year, and a couple of things traditionally happen: your Christmas bills come due, and you get your tax refund. You can blow that refund, or you can use it to address the Christmas (and other) bills situation. Fortunately, this is a busy time of year for us […]

Social Media

We’re really making a push into social media in the coming year. That means you will be able to “Like” us on Facebook, as well as “Follow” us on Twitter, and even watch video blog posts that we’re preparing for our YouTube channel. Keep an eye for us, and join us in the these new […]

The Move is Finished

We have officially made the move to our new office at 2101 17th St., in Bakersfield. The map on the Contact page has been updated as well. Next time you’re in the office, you’ll immediately notice our new reception area, as well as all the room we have for clients and staff.

Big News-We’re Moving!

We would like to announce that we have officially outgrown our Bakersfield office. As of June 1, 2011, we will be at our new office: 2101 17th St. Bakersfield, CA 93301 This office is on the corner of 17th and D streets, still in downtown Bakersfield. Our telephone numbers and email addresses will all remain […]

Bankruptcy FAQ

1. What are the Chapters of bankruptcy? There are 2 basic kinds of bankruptcy available to consumers: Chapter 7, and Chapter 13. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is designed to discharge your unsecured debts and give you a “fresh start”. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is designed to allow the debtor to pay back some or all of their […]

Tips for Applying for Disability

Tips for Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits 1. Likelihood of success. If (a) your physical or mental disability is severe, (b) your condition limits your activities of daily living, (c) your medical impairment will last or has lasted longer than 12 months, and (d) your doctor agrees with this assessment, you should apply for […]

Your Bankruptcy Consultation

The Consultation Please arrive on time for your consultation, and we request that you leave kids with a babysitter so that we can concentrate on providing you with the best legal advice possible without distractions. Bring with you your most recent paycheck stub, as well as a rough idea of how much debt you have […]

New Website!

In our ongoing quest to provide a unique level of service, we have launched our new website. While there will be hickups along the way as we refine and hone our online presence, we feel that we will be able to provide a superior web experience for our valuable clients and potential clients. So have […]