This is the most common question we get asked.

However, each case if different, and we charge based upon the complexity of your case. We know you wouldn’t like it if we quoted one price on the phone only to find out the case is more complicated that was anticipated and had to change the price we would charge. Also, we don’t want to quote you a fee only to find out your case is simpler than we anticipated and we charged you too much.

Yes, price is important, but what is more important is the value you receive for your money.

What we can say for sure is that we are competitive with the other attorneys in town, and we do charge less than most.

You can retain our office for only $200 down, and can make payments for the balance.

We do not charge interest for your payments, nor do we charge any extra fees because you need to pay your fees in payments.

Once we have assessed your case fully at your free consultation, we can quote you a fair and reasonable fee that reflects the amount work required to handle your case fully and professionally.

Some attorneys quote you a fee in the phone, or on their website. Why would they do that? Do they have to compete on price instead of the service they provide? Do you want the cheapest, or the  best? Is it worth an extra $100 to hire a firm that truly cares about your family’s well-being?

Don’t hire an attorney on price; hire an attorney based on the value you will receive for your money.

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