It’s That Time of Year!

Well, Christmas is over, we’re in the new year, and a couple of things traditionally happen: your Christmas bills come due, and you get your tax refund.

You can blow that refund, or you can use it to address the Christmas (and other) bills situation.

Fortunately, this is a busy time of year for us as people take this approach. It’s great because you can use a portion of your refund to wipeout a virtually unlimited amount of debt. That’s what I call “a good investment”.

If you’re expecting a tax refund, give us a call at 951-296-6775 to schedule your free, no obligation consultation. You and I will sit down, talk about your specific and unique situation, talk about how bankruptcy works, and how bankruptcy can help you (if it can!).

If you decide that bankruptcy would be a great tool for you, you can get started for only $200 down, then payoff the balance when your tax refund arrives. In the meantime, you can gather the information we’ll need to complete your paperwork, get your first class out of the way, and refer all of your annoying creditor calls to us-we’ll take care of the collectors for you!

Give us a call at 951-296-6775 to schedule your free consultation with me.

Happy New Year!