Stop Creditor Harassment

Let us handle the threatening phone calls

Typically when you file for bankruptcy, creditors are legally required by automatic stay to stop contacting you immediately. Automatic stay is intended to stop any and all communication from creditors, foreclosures, repossession, wage garnishment, and lawsuits against you.

If creditors do continue contacting you, they will find themselves with serious penalties imposed by the court for violating automatic stay. Creditors can be sued for harassment and you can be paid damages for their illegal actions. Even after you have received your discharge, creditors are prohibited from contacting unless they have special permission.

If you do not file for bankruptcy, you still have rights and protection from creditor harassment. The Consumer Credit Protection Act (CCPA) and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) were created for the purpose of protecting individuals against rude and illegal communication from creditors. Should creditors violate any of the rules stipulated in the these laws they will face legal action as a result.