Bankruptcy Debt Relief

Bankruptcy can provide financial relief by wiping out most of your debt

Bankruptcy can provide relief from your financial problems. Chapter 7 bankruptcy enables individuals to basically walk away from their debts, and Chapter 13 bankruptcy helps individuals develop a repayment plan to pay back their debt.

The following sections provide more information on specific areas of bankruptcy debt relief:

  • Credit Cards: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy can both assist in relieving credit card debt. However, be wary of filing for bankruptcy shortly after making any large credit card purchases as you may raise suspicion of fraud. Read more about credit card debt relief here.
  • Judgments: A judgment is basically a piece of paper declaring that you owe a debt that is signed by a judge. The purpose of a judgment is for creditors to collect debt. This will happen when a creditor feels the need to take a step beyond their routine collection attempts of phone calls, emails and letters. Read more about what judgments are here.
  • Medical Debt: Medical debt is a leading reason why thousands of Americans are forced to file for bankruptcy as thousands of dollars begin to pile up in debt. Medical emergencies and illness cause financial hardship for many families. Medical debt encompasses a wide range of expenses from bills, hospital visits, collection activity, in addition to other associated medical costs and expenses. Read more about medical debt and bankruptcy here.
  • Tax Debt: Many people believe they are stuck with their tax debts forever. However, there are many circumstances where a bankruptcy case actually can erase some of your tax debts, and even interest and penalties, if certain conditions are met.
  • Student Loans: Filing for bankruptcy usually cannot discharge student loan debt. However, if you can prove that your educational loan payments present an undue hardship for you, your family, and any dependents then you may be able to have them discharged. Learn more about how bankruptcy effects student loans here.