Inflation at its Highest Rate Since 1981

If you’ve been to the store in the last year, you know prices are rising. Just about everything costs more than it did a few months ago, when they were cost more than they did a few months before that. Inflation is running pretty wild at this point thanks to expanded government benefits increasing demand, and lower supply of goods.

March 2022 saw an increase in Consumer Prices of 1.2%, or 8.5% inflation year over year from March 2021.

Gas is up an average of 48% from a year ago. Food is up 8.8% in a year (although many categories of food have risen more sharply). Mortgage rate are pushing 6%.

While wages have gone up, they are lagging behind the increase in prices for essential items like food, gas, electricity, etc. What this means is that people are really feeling the squeeze, and have started charging more as their take home income hasn’t kept up with the cost of living.

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