Scott Bell, Bankruptcy Attorney

Why Do I Practice Bankruptcy Law?

As of this writing (May 2022), I have been a lawyer for almost 24 years(!). It’s hard to believe it’s been that long. Of those 24 years, I’ve practiced bankruptcy law exclusively for about 20 of those years. Other areas of the law that I’ve practiced is criminal defense, personal injury, family law, and social security law. So I’ve many different types of law, but bankruptcy has been my focus for most of my professional life.

One of the most common questions clients ask is, “Why bankruptcy?”

My initial answer is always, “Because it’s the only area of the law where your clients actually like you.” That’s to say that your clients can see that you’re helping them (their debts will be discharged), there is a definite beginning and end of their case (the date the case is filed, and the date the case closes so that it doesn’t drag on and on), and the fee is set up front at the beginning, so there are no surprises and the client is getting “nickel and dimed”. Lastly, the client gets a fantastic outcome: there dischargeable debts are wiped out and they can start over fresh. It’s a real “win-win” for both the client and myself.

I was reading a book by Seth Godin. Basically, he writes about business, self-development, and marketing. He said that we all need to ask ourselves a few questions about what we offer to others. It made me think about how the questions apply to my business of providing people with bankruptcy services, and this is what I came up with:

  1. Who is it for?
  2. What is it for?
  3. Why does it matter?

So who is this service for? It’s for people who find themselves in financial trouble, and want to get a fresh start in their financial lives.

What my service is for is to wipe out debts that are holding people hostage. “Debt free” really means “free”. Debt free means your money is your money. I’ve done thousands and thousands of bankruptcies over the last 24 years, and discharged many millions of dollars worth of debt. I can’t think of a single case where people intentionally put themselves in a position to file bankruptcy (running up their credit cards or the like). Yes, I have seen it on a rare occasion, but I declined to take those cases. People make mistakes, and sometimes the economy just rolls over people (2008 anyone?), or people get divorced or face crushing medical bills. It happens. And what I do uniquely addresses the issues and gives them a fresh start. What I do is a safety net for some of the wild pitches life throws at you.

Lastly, what I do matters because I give people peace of mind; I give people a hopeful financial future. Perhaps I’m deluding myself a little, but I truly look at that as a gift. This goes back to #1 above, but clients know that one day in the very near future, most of them will wake up virtually debt-free, or at least only have the debt of their choosing (house, car). That matters to me, and I think it matters to my clients.

If you find yourself struggling financially in these uncertain times, maybe I can help. Contact me to schedule a free consultation by phone to find out if you can get a fresh start!