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Why Some People Get Harassed More Than Others

What drives many clients to my Bakersfield and Temecula bankruptcy offices is the constant harassment of debt collectors — daily phone calls, collection letters, contact at work and home, etc. In fact, I would say that the annoyance of dealing with constant creditor/collector contact is a major factor in motivating my clients to pick up […]

What if My Spouse Doesn’t Want to File Bankruptcy With Me?

As a Bakersfield and Temecula bankruptcy attorney I sometimes meet with prospective married clients who seek to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy individually. Initially I have to bring to their attention that despite their request to file on their own, their spouse’s income has to be taken into consideration to determine their ability to file both […]

Bakersfield Oilfield Layoffs

It’s begun. With crude oil prices hovering around $40/barrel, local oil producers are finding it difficult to extract Kern oil at the cost necessary to to be able to sell the oil on the open market at a profit. This means that local Bakersfield oil companies have begun oilfield layoffs. And even some large producers […]

Wage Garnishments in Bankruptcy

Wage garnishments can have a devastating impact on one’s life resulting in loss of substantial income and can sometimes come out of nowhere when you are not prepared for it.  One of the only ways to stop a garnishment once it has begun is to have a local Bakersfield bankruptcy lawyer file your case.  When a bankruptcy is […]

What is a Reaffirmation Agreement?

A reaffirmation agreement (agreement to pay back), in bankruptcy terms, is an agreement between the debtor and creditor that waives the discharge of the debt that would have otherwise been discharged in the bankruptcy. 11 USC Section 524 is the bankruptcy code section where reaffirmation is found. Reaffirmation agreements are voluntary. Typically, a reaffirmation agreement […]

Bankruptcy Myths

We all have preconceived ideas about consumer bankruptcy, but the most common stereotype of bankruptcy doesn’t stir up a lot of sympathy for most of us. We picture a young, reckless American adult, privileged and unschooled in smart spending and saving, who has racked up credit card debt through frivolous living (picture: vacations, fancy cars, a […]

Stress and Bankruptcy

Although bankruptcy can help you eliminate financial stress from your life in the long term, filing for bankruptcy inevitably causes emotional stress both during the process and in the aftermath. It is important to deal with the stress “head on” and acknowledge that while it is a natural reaction, you should not feel overly worried […]

Stop Paying Your Credit Cards!

Ok, I know what you’re thinking: “What, another bankruptcy lawyer setting up a new client.” Or, “Has this guy lost his mind?”. But hear me out. You may be surprised where we go. Let’s get this out of the way: should everyone stop paying their credit card bills? Of course not! If you are able to […]

Nos especializamos en ayudar a clientes de habla hispana

Dora Solis ha estado en nuestro bufete de bancarrota por muchos años y ha sido un punto de contacto para nuestro clientes de habla hispana.  Estos clientes han llegado a conocer y confiar en ella y los ha guiado con entereza y sabiduría a través del proceso de bancarrota desde la llamada inicial telefónica hasta […]

Bakersfield Bankruptcy Office

We are about to put the finishing touches on our Bakersfield bankruptcy office. The new address is all over this site (including a map in the Footer!), and is: 1331 L St. Bakersfield, CA 93301 You can reach us by phone at: (661) 243-1737 I was born and raised in Bakersfield, and I’m really looking […]